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Nr: YJ108B2

Price with TAX: 167,00 EUR

Promotional price with TAX: 148,00 EUR


Cabrio Legend stylized Maserati, beautiful-looking car.

Equipment and vehicle characteristics:

  • drive the two rear wheels,
  • two speeds front and two speeds rear,
  • remote control,
  • seatbelts,
  • opened doors,
  • mp3 input (the cable included),
  • small trunk,
  • gear shift,
  • front lights flashing to the rhythm of music,
  • illuminated dashboard with speedometer imitation,
  • horn and music,
  • volume sound control,
  • power switch imitating the starting of the car,
  • all wheels have rubber rings which increase surface adhesion and extends wheels durability, 
  • electric brake,
  • charger, 
  • gel batteries,
  • easy charging battery system.



Age 3 - 5 years old
Drive 2 x engine 12V
Battery 2 x 6V 7AH (series 12V)
Gears 2 x front; 2 x rear

length: 123cm

width: 72cm

height: 55cm

Height from the ground 9cm
Seat size

width: 40cm

depth: 41cm

seatback height: 29cm

The distance from the end of the seat to the accelerator pedal 50cm
Weight 19kg
Speed 3,5 - 6km/h
Max load 30kg
Wheel diameter 25cm
Light yes
Sound yes
Charger yes
Remote control yes
Seat belts yes
Warranty 12 months
Charging time

formatting: 3 x 12h

full charge: 8h

Driving time 1 - 1,5h countinuous driving
Batteries in the steering wheel 3 x AA 1,5V
Batteries in the remote control 2 x AA 1,5V
Additionally Opened doors, mp3 input.


The toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old because of max speed.


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